Sam Hancock

Sam Hancock is a professional racing driver, coach and classic car consultant.

The brand centres on a passion for tradition, and the rich history, engineering and design of classic cars.

It was clear from the start that the visual language needed to honour this history and to be take cues from it where appropriate. It required versatility and a timeless personality to carry it in a world of contemporary application. It also needed to be adaptive enough to scale and respond to a multitude of different print and digital applications, but maintain distinctly characteristic and recognisable features.

The nature of the type was informed by the concept of speed. The extended letter forms are a call back to this idea. The line is also a gesture of speed, movement and distance as it responds to the width of its applications. The condensed header type is a direct and bold reference to classic race car type. By contrast, it felt important to bring a polarising dynamic to the word-mark and body copy. By means of developing a humble and more withdrawn elegance. The colour palette is one of the strongest ways in which the brand speaks to its classic roots. It is constantly evolving and responding to the racing cars. The colours are at times vibrant, traditional, often slightly unsaturated as a direct link to their origin.